Privacy Policy

This privacy policy determines the way by which gathers, uses, maintains and releases information collected from its visitors. This privacy policy is valid for the entire site and its services.

Personal identification information

There are a variety of ways in which we collect personal identification information from users of this site. Some of the ways in which we collect information are when visitors visit our site, leave a comment, subscribe to our email newsletter, fill out forms/surveys etc. We may ask for various types of identities from time to time like name, email, age etc. We collect such information only after the consent of the visitor, a visitor can simply refuse to provide such information at his will.

Non-personal identification information

Much of the Non-personal identification information about visitors is collected automatically by our servers. The type of non-personal identification information may include the operating system, browser type, country, pages visited etc. Such information is required by us to know some basic trends about our website like the preferred content, the popularity of our site in various countries and so on. We may also publish such information to our ad network if required for proving the traffic stats of the website or any similar reason.


We use cookies for enhancing user experience. Cookies are short pieces of information that are stored on the users’ computer using their web browser. There are a number of ad networks/affiliate networks which require cookies to track sale or action. Cookies are a vital part of advertising online, however, no personally identifiable information is collected through them. One can choose to set his web browser to decline cookies with some basic set up or to set up alerts when cookies are going to be sent. Even stored cookies of the past can be deleted from browsing history.

Why we collect information? collects personal information, non-personal information for the following purposes:

-To know its own popularity

We see which content is getting most views, most traffic and from which countries.

-For user experience

Based on such information, we may change our site and content for making it more friendly and attractive to the users.

-For ads

To serve relevant ads and affiliate offers

Securing your information

We do not rent, sell or trade your information with others. Generic and rough information may be posted for traffic stats with our business partners or on ad networks and/or trusted entities. We take efforts to secure your information. However, in cases requiring order by the court or any legal order, we may comply with it and provide information to them.

Advertisements and Third party websites

While visiting our site, you may find references to other sites, ads which have a privacy policy and terms of their own. Actions taken on those websites are independent of our site. We have no control over their content, links or their practices. We do not take any liability for those websites.


We will update this site as and when required. We will post an update note on this page as soon as an update takes place. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to review this privacy policy periodically and become aware of modifications.

Acceptance of these terms

By using our site, you make your agreement to our terms. If you do not agree to our terms, you are free to not use this site.

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