hip fat loss

There are certain home remedies available for reducing unwanted fat from your body. So, people who could not go to the gym due to one or the other reason can also reduce fat. Lowering the body fat will have an effect on various body parts like tummy, hip, waist and thighs. You will not notice any immediate change in body fat as it will take some time to show the results.

But when you are trying to reduce your weight, then you are not aware of the fact that which part of the body is burning fat. Therefore, targeting only hips and tummy is really a difficult job. It is going to be a little hard to reduce fat in the hip and tummy region alone as body fat accumulation does not happen by targeting specific parts of your body.

Consulting a nutritionist to know the intake of calories per day is a good idea rather than depending on different opinions of calories intake. Generally, the calorie intake is different for different age and gender.

Whenever we control the intake of calories, then the stored body fat starts to convert in energy by burning itself. You can’t just direct your hips and tummy region to burn their stored fat first. However, the body loses fat in a specific pattern which is decided by a number of reasons.

Never ever go for skipping your meals for days together as it will only bring weakness in your body which will result in lethargy and reduced metabolism. However, it will help you in reducing weight only for a short term period but in the long run, it is not effective at all. It’s better to pay attention to a healthy diet and reduce your fat gradually step by step. You will be glad to know that lowering the intake of sugar and carbohydrates from the diet along with limiting sodium intake will definitely help in losing your weight.

However, there are certain exercises which will aid you in toning hip area.

1) Cardio exercises

The practice of proper exercises is the best option for removing excess fat from the body. Usually, women have more quantity of fat in their hip region which is subcutaneous fat. During the pregnancy of women, lots of fat gets deposited in the hip region for supporting the foetus. Therefore, most of the women suffer from high fat in the hips. So without buying any exercise equipment, they can do some exercises simply at home. They just need a space for moving their body parts easily and nothing else. The exercises of strength training and cardiovascular exercises will work out for fat in the hip region.

Doing regularly one-legged squats, leg extensions, jumping squats, regular squats for at least 30 minutes for 3 to 4 times in a week will help you in achieving your aim.

2) Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises help in burning fat from hips and tummy. Exercise with dance is a fun activity for reducing fat. Stair climbing is the simplest exercise related to aerobics which can be performed daily. It will directly work on thigh muscles and enhances metabolism. But keep in mind, your back should be straight during this process else it can cause pain in the lower back region.

Cycling is another good option which directly works on legs, particularly on thighs. In addition, brisk walking is also an excellent option for hips and thighs. 30 minutes of brisk walking at least 5 days a week will definitely provide you with good results.

3) Apple cider vinegar

Use 3 parts of Apple cider vinegar and 1 part of coconut oil and massage this mixture on hips at least for 10 minutes. Do this 2 times daily to see good results.

weight loss tips

There are various diets which help you in controlling your weight much more effectively than other diets. They simply cut off the calories from your diet. Many people are not even conscious of the various effects of diets on their body and mind functions due to which lifestyle diseases are growing in the world.

Here we present you some healthy tips for weight loss which are easy to follow in your daily life. You can surely complete the target of weight loss in an effective and healthy way as they are simple to do. So let us get started with the tips:

1) Healthy diet

Adopting a diet rich in fruits, vegetable and whole grains on one side while avoiding trans fat, saturated fat, sugary food and refined grains is a smart decision. An intake of 20 grams to 35 grams of fibers in your daily diet will satisfy your craving for food and will also slow down the process of absorption of carbohydrates in the body. Eating fresh fruits is a good option to feed your hunger rather than eating a normal meal because fruits are much better digested by the body as compared to normal meals.

2) Eating slowly and chewing well

It is a known fact that people who eat slowly tend to fill the stomach up soon as compared to people who eat fast. The pleasure of eating is enhanced when we eat food slowly. Eating slowly will make you feel the smell and taste of food in a more pleasant way and will make you feel full faster.

3) Your will power

It often happens that people unconsciously fill up their plates with way more than they can eat due to which they tend to overeat. In order to avoid it, you must be conscious about your eating requirements which will also help you to control unnecessary cravings. Try to avoid keeping junk food on your table. It will be the best way to keep high calorie food away from your eyes. Try to eat in small bowls instead of larger bowls so that you can track your diet.

4) Avoiding emotional trigger

Usually, it is observed that when a person is in the state of depression, anger, stress or any other emotional trigger, then he will tend to overeat. Therefore, in these states of emotions, try to avoid eating. During these states, try to handle yourself rather than eating food.

5)  Getting adequate protein

Protein in your diet plan will help you in the prevention of muscle loss, so look for options like beans, legumes, grams etc. However, including fish, nuts, soy food will help you in providing healthy fats to the body. But be careful, you should not consume excessive protein as it will lead to another set of complications.

6) Having low energy dense foods

The best way for weight loss is including low energy dense food in your diet chart. Increasing the fiber content and water in place of cheese, cookies, fried potatoes and other fried eatables is a better option. Incorporating more and more salad in your food, adding more and more vegetables and soups is a great idea for your weight loss journey. Having chopped cucumbers when you feel hungry will prevent you from eating junk food.

7) Eating regularly

People often go for the option of not eating for the whole day for achieving weight loss goals. It is a misconception that not eating food will let you achieve your aim of weight loss because many people might start experiencing muscle loss during this period which is bad for health. Instead one should aim for eating small meals so that your stomach gets ample scope for digesting food.

8) Sleeping habits

Sleeping habit of people has a lot of impact on their weight. An optimum sleep at night helps people in managing proper weight. Little sleep or too much sleep imbalances their appetite and results in disturbed metabolism which ultimately results in weight gain.